Get your business out there. Our stunning branding capabilities will allow you to put your business on the map. We can design anything from basic but clean logos to the most complex vectorized logos so that people know who you are when they see your branding.

Website Development

Want a quality website tailored for your business? Providing a combination of bespoke design and responsive results we can help you secure clients. We utilise forward thinking to build the website at ease for the user, every decision in the process comes based on user experience


Be on the top of your game, our extensive SEO skill set will allow us to put your business at the top of all major search engines. A combination of experience and precision we will be able to guarantee these results and make sure that you receive our highest quality exposure rates.

Why Work With Us?

At DesignLab we strive for top notch quality, everything we produce will be better than what you expected. Our team applies experience and creativity to allow us to produce eye catching designs and build long lasting relationships between us and you. As a well-rounded team we cater for all of your needs and take time to understand what your business needs in order for our service to be exceptional. Once we have everything we need to know, we can begin working on your project, delivering frequent updates and making appropriate changes based on your valued feedback. Get in touch with support with any questions and then we can get started on your next project… today!

Why does your Business Need a Website?


People often start their search for something online. Having a website allows them to compare products or services before even setting foot in a store. Having an online presence allows your business to be included in these searches.


In keeping with a customer expectations, businesses that do not have a website might not be taken as seriously as businesses that do. Having an online presence suggests professionalism, but also a larger business vision. 

Increase Revenue

Thanks to E-Commerce, the internet provides another avenue to secure sales, without customers having to visit the store. This can also be a huge profit booster for businesses as there is no long term costs when having an online store. 


Having a website offers a cost effective way of advertising and marketing your business. Online marketing can be achieved anywhere for a very minimal cost and can be changed at anytime to suit your business ‘s changes. 

Client Relations

Together with a broader range of  online marketing options available at our disposal, we can create an online presence allows yours business to strengthen relations with both current and prospective customers.

24/7 Business

Unlike physical stores, websites operate constantly. This means information is readily available, or even the ability for your customers  to purchase online. An opportunity to make extra sales you don’t want to miss out on.   

Are You Looking For An Online Prescense?

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